It seems that Chromium, and most certainly Oracle VM bitch out big time at
the filename, when I renamed it as .iso, it was a happy bunny. Out of
curiosity, I ran a md5 on the filename as per the ftp, it was the same, so I
thought "what the hell"...

My only other thought, that will possibly cause some discussion is the
version of pcmanfm.

As 10.04 and pcmanfm never sat happily with smb stuff, we were trying out
pynieghborhood back then, to no avail. As it is a community rebuild, would
getting rid of pcman 0.5.x and popping on pcmanfm 0.9., along with it's
friends, or should I scribble up a set of notes for people to do it
manually? I did think of asking to actually remove pyNeighborhood, but am
not sure if that falls in the 'job description' of a point release!


In theory, at least, we are just updating pcmanfm to the latest version. I'd
appreciate the teams views on this one (not to forget PCMan, himself!). My
view is that we did say that we would support and backport developments to
10.04.  I personally prefer using the best PCManFM available for a the
10.04.3 release (even though only a community release, like 10.04 was).

@jonathan, sorry if that causes you a headache if the team agree to use the
0.9 PCManFM. In the long run, I think it will be easier to offer support if
all the lubuntu releases are on 0.9.x for PCManFM.

For PCManFM to be able to continue receiving updates, I am surmising that a
path to an upgrade path will have to be made for it.....

Glad you or the computer remembered the log-in details for my server area,
feel free to use it for anything that you wish for any stuff you are doing.
I may as well get my $15 / month worth out out of it (It was only supposed
to be for a couple of months, 18 months ago!)



On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 7:53 PM, Jonathan Marsden <>wrote:

> On 07/31/2011 09:12 AM, Phill Whiteside wrote:
> > I've had two tries at downloading... both got to 100% then 'died' :(
> > I'll have another try later.
> OK.  I uploaded my test 10.04.3 ISO to your server last night, so
> should work now for downloads too.
> As Lance confirmed (thanks), it does have issues with installation that
> need further work.  It'll probably be about six more hours before I can
> start to look into that.
> Jonathan

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