The behaviour of Ubuntu 11.04 for the mousepad of my laptop is the same as
described for 10.04 - so, it seems that this is a Lubuntu specific
configuration. It would be great if someone culd get a look at it to make it
work again :)

2011/7/18 Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset <>

> Hi guys:
> Back in 10.04 when i made a click with two fingers on the mousepad, it used
> to activate the right button of the mouse, now it acts like the center
> button. I believe this is a X.Org configuration since this happent in 10.04
> when i added xorg-edgers ppa. I tried to change this with
> gpointing-device-settings but can't make it working like i want. Has anybody
> any ideas of how i can make it work like before? (my right button is broken
> :/ and i don't like the idea of carrying a usb mouse everywhere :/ )
> --
> jpxsat

Maybe it was not only xorg-edgers ppa i added then :/

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