Hiyas good people,

Whilst some of you are reluctant to venture onto the main forum area for
various reasons, an excellent point was raised by bioterror.

*11.10 Oneric*

The 'dev' area for oneric (for all flavours) are not checked by the devs.
With the ongoing assistance by the forum mods, they do try to herd oneric
related issues into the dev area. I have further asked that they herd any
lubuntu oneric issues into one thread, that being the
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11177277 one. From there, we can
keep them up to speed on developments and also chase down comments about
bugs that are causing chatter but that the OP is either not aware that a bug
report has been raised, or possibly that we need to contact the OP to get
them to raise a bug.

If on your wanders accross the forum area using the 'search' function to
hunt down the two methods of tracking lubuntu chat
to help can you please click on the 'report this' button and ask that the
mods merge it to that thread. Whilst 'report this' may seem to be just for
reporting spam, it is not. The forum mods are few in number and are more
than happy to merge any 11.10 thread into that thread.

The same applies if someone has raised a thread for 11.10 on the main forum
and quotes it in IRC. Just as there is nothing more frustrating than someone
raising a bug and it not being answered because it is duplicate 999,999 of
one we are aware of, so please also do take the odd 5 minutes to check to
see if there are any lost and lonely forum threads.

*Existing Releases*

There are a lot of newcomers to the system, be patient with them. Yes, I do
know when you have been asked / told the same thing for the 50th time that
day it does get wearing. If you get asked the same question more than three
times, please consider popping it onto

As lubuntu's secret is out, we will get more and more n00bs. Consider the
lead up to our 1st official release as a dress-rehearsal, because I know
full well that once Lubuntu 11.10 hits the streets, you guys and girls are
going to be kept busy. Be polite, a percentage of these people will be ex
'main' ubuntu and windows - they will not know how lubuntu is put together.
A lot of people are taking a leap of faith for lubuntu to be used on their
system, be extra nice to them..... We have #lubuntu-offtopic for us to
scream and shout on, if things get even more passionate there is an
additional ## channel that we can use if we are having a really bad day.
#lubuntu is the graceful swan logged for all to search and our flagship

*A Personal Note*

We would not be about to go official were it not for all the hard work and
long hours done by our devs, doc / wiki, support, graphics, translations
teams etc. We are closing in on the goal set a couple of years ago. From me,
a simple thank-you to all of you seems not enough - I hope that the 'I was
there when Lubuntu 11.10 launched' is enough.



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