The poll is over, I'd like to thank everyone who've helped out and
everyone who voted.

Personally I'd like to think the poll has been a huge success, we had
2848 votes in total. The poll is technically still up, but this is
because the poll app still lacks some features (more on that later).

There has been some discussion (between me, Rafael and Julien)
regarding how many wallpapers we will choose for the artwork package.
We'd obviously like to choose the top 6 wallpapers as mentioned
before, but it might not be possible due to space issues. In the
future we'll most likely create a community package (without a limit)
that will be available through the repos.

As for the results[1], we have these in the top 6 (as mentioned
before, all 6 won't make it, sadly):

"Natty Bug" by John Baer
"Lubuntu Moth" by John Baer
"Glass beauty" by pr09studio
"Lubuntu Blue Wallpaper with Logo" by llelectronics2k
"Clarity" by Foolish-fox
"Lubuntu Blue" by leogg!

All these artists have been informed and hopefully there won't be any
licencing issues.

I've also been contacted by the developer (also a Linux user) behind
the poll application that we used. I gave him some feedback and
thoughts, but if you'd like to give him additional feedback
yourselves, please do. He's a cool guy and he obviously wants to
improve his application. Hopefully he'll continue to improve his app,
just like we will continue to improve Lubuntu :).


On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 12:47 AM, Phill Whiteside <> wrote:
> Oh, and I sent it to OMGUbuntu :P
> If there are any people on IRC who wish me to instigate a poll, I certainly
> have no issue with that. But from previous times, we do seem to better at ML
> votes.
> Regards,
> Phill.

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