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Hùng Trần <nguyentieu...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I prefer Chromium, it's good on old machine. Firefox is almost useless on
> my 256MB RAM laptop.
I've also found Chromium to be better than Firefox when there is less than 512 
MiB of RAM.  I haven't really checked memory/CPU usage but Chromium is more 
responsive with 6-8 tabs open.  With less than 256 MiB of RAM Firefox really 
seems to struggle with only 3-4 tabs open.  This isn't just a case of a PIII 
CPU struggling either.  I have a 'brand new', never out of it's box, 2003 
vintage, Dell 4600 2.4Mhz P4 with 256 MiB of RAM, AGP8 video and Firefox is 
slow in this as well.

As much as I like Firefox I think Chromium is the way to go for Lubuntu.


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