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> Yes it will affect Pentium II.

Evidence, please?  That is not what the original email said at all.  It
is also not what all the info I have on which CPUs can do PAE says.

As far as I know, Pentium Pro and Pentium II CPUs all can do PAE, except
for some 400MHz Pentium M mobile CPUs.

As I understand the email, and based on by fading memory of which CPUs
do PAE, requiring PAE will only exclude Pentium I, a few 400MHz Pentium
M, really old AMD chips, and the "less known" alternatives such as the
Geode and the VIA C3.

All normal Pentium II processors should handle PAE just fine.  It looks
like wikipedia agrees with this (not that it is always 100% accurate,
but still, it's an easy to find online source).

Do you have info (or real world experience) that indicates otherwise?

*If* this proposed change makes it impractical to run on a Pentium II,
we need to stand up and be counted.  If (as I suspect) it only prevents
use on Pentium I, really old AMD, VIA C3 and Geode, then ... that's a
much smaller population of still-working computers, and I suggest we
let it slide.

  Jonathan Marsden

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