I really cant see why you're all (except dear JM ;) crying after
obsolete hardware.

If this kind of decissions are never made, People will never
recycle these power hungry computers with more decent ones.

What I've been keeping eye on Ubuntu, it has lost support for older
hardware around 9.04. If you really want to have support for older
computers, you could check another distro. Something Slackware based
for example. SalixOS ain't a bad option. They have i486 kernel, you can
choose from LXDE, Fluxbox, XFCE4 and Ratpoison.
Slapt-get is not that far from apt-get.

I dont want to sound harsh, but sometimes people should just let
go with old hardware. Old x86 hardware is not a gem in a collection,
it's just a soulless piece of computer techonology, unlike C-64's,
Amiga's and Atari's, and some other machines like any SGI.

And companies are now in here ditching the first generation Core 2 Duo
machines, anything below that is hazardous waste.

I'm wondering why people keeps those Pentium II's and Celerons
hanging around. Computing can't be fun with slow machines.

You can buy Intel Atom boards for almost free, those will pay itself
back in electricity bill


On Sat, 19 Nov 2011 10:38:18 -0400
Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset <jpx...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I would like to do some tests with the latest ubuntu on my old amd-k6
> (wich runs Lubuntu 10.04 perfectly) but support for that CPU it's
> been dropped :(
> Then again, it's NOT only for the people who have a voice here: it's
> the users that have one of those pc wich want to use it and CAN'T
> It's a shame that an OS intended for old hardware can't run on
> hardware that can run it :(
> EVEN if it's 5% of the target machines... 5% of a huge number is
> still a huge number.
> Plus, there's no modern OS that can run there...
> OK, *maybe* some very oldl machines should be renewed... but there are
> people without the capability of doing so.
> AND i don't understand, the code is there... what's the benefit of
> cutting it?
> Just what i think about dropping support of any hardware.
> -- jpxsat

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