I'm working since some times to some improvements to lxsession.
With my experiments, I ended to rewrite some part in Vala, since C have
problems with me :)

You can find the result on the options branch of lxsession :

The main new features are :
* Add initial applications by default support (panel, screensaver ...).
It's a way to configure applications started by default, rather than
just adding a line in autostart
 * Add initial options support (Keymap, XRandr, Keyring). It's the
ability to add some options add start-up, like a screen resolution
(instead of using a .desktop file in autostart directory).
* Add initial Dbus support (draft of org.lxde.SessionManager interface,
GNOME compat mode)

You can have a look at the new desktop.conf file for the new options
available :

It should be already usable, the only regression I know is the logout
function of lxsession-logout which is broken.

I'll appreciate comments on this :) Especialy on the Dbus interface,
what do you expect from a session manager to be available via Dbus ? Do
you expect other features from the session manager ?

I would like in the future to take the maintainance of lxsession and try
to add more improvements, like :
* Duplicate check, to not autostart an application twice
* Merge back lxpolkit and lxsession-edit changes in lxsession
* More application by default, and more automatic / smart detections
* Finalize the Dbus interface
* Improve lxsession-edit to configure the new options.

Julien Lavergne
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