Sorry, but I can't join the chat meeting tonight. This is not lack of
interest, I simply have other arrangements.
I have talked to Rafael, and we will begin building a mock up
together. You people will of course get to see the steps, as we

Thanks everybody for the comments and ideas! Please keep them coming
in one place or the other; if you want to be anonymous that's fine
with me. I won't force people to register.
The present web site seems to be built by, from and to the inner core
of Lubuntu developers and advanced users. I'm trying to get people
from outside to comment as well. We should not make it difficult for
outside people to state their opinion by demanding that they register.
On the web people only register if they trust that they receive a
well-defined and immediate benefit - and even if that is the case,
still many won't register at all, even if it is free. This is a major
problem for a lot of serious, well-behaving web sites (and the problem
is increasing, by the way).
We must adapt to people's habits, not the other way around -
especially since THEY are doing US a favour.
Well, enough of that. Talk to you all later!

Best regardsMörgæs

2011/11/29 Julien Lavergne <>:
> Le 11/18/2011 04:53 AM, Julien Lavergne a écrit :
>> Since there are some interests in, I made a wiki page to gather 
>> ideas about it. Feel free to add you ideas to 
>> We can after decide 
>> a plan for the website.
> Just a reminder, ideas for the website should be gather on the wiki page
> :
> Please keep all the comments here. If people want to participe to the
> Lubuntu life, they have to create a login for the wiki. The wiki is our
> main tool to coordinate the work of the team, I don't want 2 different
> sources of information.
> We can have a discussion during the weekly meeting of next week, to try
> to decide something.
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne
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