Probably "me too" messages are not usually welcome, but it might help
to know that I have precisely this behaviour. (Toshiba Satellite A100
1.40Ghz CeleronM, 1Gb RAM). This is what I would call my "normal"
Chromium behaviour, although at times, unexpectedly, it works sharpish
and snappy with Gmail. Generally, though, I find myself with
"loading..." message ... and waiting ... till I shut the browser down.

I just checked now -- and it's behaving. But I have learned not to
expect that the *next* time I fire up Gmail in Chromium!



On 1 December 2011 21:25, Tim Bernhard <> wrote:
> OK, this is a long shot...
> I recently installed Lubuntu 11.10 (64bit) on my Acer AS3820 (with an I3
> processor and 4GB ram.)  The browser is choking on Gmail for some reason.
> It looses it's connection and then won't reconnect or if it does, it beaks
> the connection again.  Other sites continue to function and I have no
> problem accessing Gmail from another computer, tablet, phone or even Firefox
> on the same laptop.  It happens on my home network (wireless) and at work
> (wired).
> I'm not sure what to make of this.  Any ideas?
> Tim

David Reimer [[djreimer|dajare]]
Edinburgh, UK

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