Let me clarify with an example.  I don't use any of the penguin games
that come with Lubuntu.  I'm assuming most of you don't either.  If
you had data that said virtually no Lubuntu users used the games, you
could take that into consideration when trying to balance out what to
include in the next version.  It seems you like guys speculate a lot
about what your users are doing, instead of knowing, and this leads to
difficult decision-making processes.  More data might make it easier
to, for instance, decide which browser to include.  And I don't imply
that data should *dictate* decisions--it should simply be a factor.

Would it be possible to include something like a voluntary survey with
a round of updates?  That would be better than raw numbers, and the
users who care enough to fill it out would probably provide the best

Also: I don't care much about popularity, and I think the numbers at
distrowatch are little more than meaningless.  I'm talking about
getting data from the committed Lubuntu users.


On Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 7:20 AM, Julien Lavergne <gi...@ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Le 12/17/2011 03:08 AM, Philip a écrit :
>> A few weeks ago on this list, a question was raised about the current
>> number of Lubuntu users.  I was a little surprised that no one had a
>> clear idea, and that estimates varied widely.  It seems a little
>> dangerous from a development standpoint to have so little information
>> about your userbase, doesn't it?  Wouldn't it be valuable to determine
>> a way of gathering data about how many people use Lubuntu, and how
>> they use it?
> I think information on how users use the system, and what they want from
> it is always interesting. The problem is to organize the collect of the
> information in a way it's easy to analyze. A survey could be a good idea
> to gather this type of information.
> Also, having popular requests from users doesn't mean we will implement
> them :) We have to keep with our policy : keep it fast and easy to use :)
> About the number of users, I personally doesn't care too much. Sure,
> having a good rank in Distrowatch is nice, but we can live without it :)
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne

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