Le 12/17/2011 09:59 PM, amjjawad HOOHAA a écrit :
> That would be great. We do need such team which should NOT be isolated
> from Ubuntu Team (sorry if I didn't explain myself previously). The
> Marketing Team Members are Lubuntu Members who will be dedicated to do
> one main job/task and that will be "Marketing".
> Also, we do need a Wiki or Documentation Team.
In my mind, the teams should be free to organize themself, and to work
as they like. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Teams_New for my first
ideas on the topic.

> What about a Sub-Forum on LXDE Forum? if that's possible, it would be
> great since I'm a moderator there. However, someone must do something
> please about the continuous problem on LXDE Website. It's up and down
> and when it's up, it's very slow.
It sounds like a good idea.

> What I'm thinking and wondering about: Having more resources depends
> on money or something else? also, if we are an official variant for
> Ubuntu then it's not bad idea at all if Canonical spend something to
> improve Lubuntu in any possible way. I have no idea how their system
> work and to be honest don't want to be involved, I have enough stuff
> to care about but I was just wondering.
> I'll keep searching for people who can really support us financially.
> In case I find someone, what shall I do?
We never discuss the financial case, and it's quite a complex topic :)
Imagine, you want to give 10 € to Lubuntu, how do you share it between
people who make Lubuntu :
- Lubuntu project (and who in the Lubuntu project ?)
- Ubuntu project (because we are based on Ubuntu)
- Debian project (because we are besed on Ubuntu, which is base on Debian)
- LXDE project (because we used many LXDE components)
- Other upstream projects (kernel, abiword, gnome-mplayer ...)
- ...

One idea is to have in the software-center a button to support upstream
projects, or / and having a page with all the support links.

But, money doesn't do all. For an open source project, we primarily need
users, developers, testers, and people who spread the work :)

> Well, I think there is a bug using these on both Lubuntu 11.10 and 11.04.
> On 11.10, adding the above two packages will not add the username.
> Adding the username must be done through "indicator-me" which is gone
> in 11.10 and no longer in the repositories.
> http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/07/ubuntu-11-10-menu-goodbye/
> As for 11.04, indicator-me package is still in the repositories but
> when I added it and rebooted, it's done and on PCManFM, there is no
> File, Edit, etc ... I have no idea what happened.
> There is already some bugs and I commented on one of them but can't
> find it right now.
> I have asked that question because there is a case where there are 3
> different users are using the same PC and they want something to
> display the name of the current logged in user beside a feature to
> switch to another user.
> "indicator-me" package has 126 files to be downloaded and installed. I
> was wondering if it's impossible to use "indicator me" in 11.10, is
> there any other alternative?
Maybe (just a guess) it's because lxdm doesn't support switching user,
so adding indicator-session doesn't show the user name, because it's an
indicator for switching user.

Julien Lavergne

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