It's really a pleasure reading this. It's a confirmation of our work and
good news that keep us on the way. Everything you mention were the Lubuntu
targets (speed, simplicity, ultra-fast learning curve, easy-to-see)
specially using those (not so) old computers we have in a corner.

Anyway, your advertising over there is well apreciated! :)

Thanks so much.

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2011/12/27 Daniel Ziegler <>

> Hello all,
> I would like to tell my story about my experience with Lubuntu and the
> LXDE Desktop.
> I've been using Ubuntu since around middle 2009, on a variety of
> hardware-Dell P4 towers with 9.04 and 9.10, ThinkPad T23 with 10.04,
> custom Phenom II X4 with 10.10 thru 11.10. I loved using Ubuntu, and
> Linux in general over Windows XP, and was amazed with the free network
> tools that you can obtain. However, I had noticed that GNOME 2.x used
> a lot of system resources, around 380 MB of RAM on average. I didn't
> mind so much then. But after 11.04 introduced the new Unity interface,
> it threw me off and I never really adjusted to it. And GNOME 3 hasn't
> helped performance at all, and removed some features. I tried the KDE
> desktop for a while, but never really got used to it, and it seemed to
> use a lot of RAM also.
> So I became a bit frustrated, trying to find and adjust to a suitable
> new desktop, and finding all ate my limited RAM up quickly. I began to
> look at solutions such as Puppy Linux, but they didn't offer quite the
> same Ubuntu experience, software, and interface organization. Then I
> heard about Lubuntu this holiday season, after Canonical recognized it
> as an official project.
> It looked like my issues were solved, so I quickly downloaded it and
> started to use it. It has turned out to work great for all I need to
> do with a graphical desktop, and all the command line tools work of
> course. Plus the learning curve from GNOME 2.x to LXDE is not very
> steep. It uses about 180 MB of RAM, which is very reasonable. In fact,
> I have been able to install Lubuntu on some older computers that I
> would be unable to run GNOME on.
> This has been a great Christmas gift for me, and I would like to just
> say thank you to all of the LXDE developers, Lubuntu developers, and
> of course PCMan, who started the LXDE desktop. I will be recommending
> Lubuntu to everyone looking for a fast GNU/Linux distro, and look
> forward to using it for a long time!
> Thank you all again,
> Dan
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