Hi everyone,

Before I reply to this post:
I thought it's better to start such a discussion over here so that I
understand better and we make it clear to everyone what is really going on.

As far as I have learned so far and I could be wrong, the Dependencies Talk
on a Low Resources System where usually Lubuntu is installed, is more about
Space Issue than Loaded Files on RAM issue.
I don't have a document or something that confirm that but I do know for
sure that as long as nothing will be loaded in RAM, the performance won't
be affected.

I've come across MANY questions from users like: "This app has lots of
dependencies, can I install it on Lubuntu? will that slow my system down??"

For me, I can easily reply that post saying: "It's more about space issues
than memory consuming issue + if you want, you can use the terminal for

What do you think about specially the bold statement:

> It would be nice if the Lubuntu software centre let the user know which
> packages were also going to be installed, and also if somehow *it could
> tell the user if the package isn't really designed to go with Lubuntu*.

@Wiki and Doc Team
I think we need to highlight this issue because many are wondering and
asking the same Q over and over again.

Thank you!

If this email is not clear, please let me know :)
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