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> But I was unable to edit/create a page.​
> The instructions did not mention that one needs to first request to join a
> Wiki editors team.

​I've made a request of the admins of the team to add you, esentially
vouching for you.

You should also consider Ubuntu Membership as a way of allowing you access,
but that will take some more contributions:

a few of my interests for getting involved with Lubuntu development: 3D
> printing

​Planning on creating a wiki page for this? I don't think there's anything
on the subject at all.

> video games

​There's this help page that may be of interest to you:

> , and promoting Linux in my own communities.

​Do you know about the Local Communities Project?

> I want get involved with the community to the extent I am able. My
> educational background is in Chemistry and Materials Science, and I took
> one course in C++.

​In what particular area(s) do you wish to contribute?​

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