Den 2016-10-12 kl. 13:48, skrev Nio Wiklund:
Hi everybody,

I'm afraid, that I will make you disappointed or happy, depending on
your feelings for late red bugs. It seems I found a bad one in Lubuntu
alternate i386: 'no kernel modules were found'

Please check if you are affected too, and in that case, please mark
'affects me too', to make the developers pay attention to it.

I tested the previous version of the release candidate, and it was *not*
affected by this bug, so its looks like a brand new bug.

Best regards

Hi again,

I installed Lubuntu Yakkety i386 via the release candidate of Ubuntu mini.iso. It works (in BIOS mode).

It should work to install Lubuntu amd64 via the release candidate of Ubuntu Server (in BIOS mode (and in UEFI mode, if the graphics is working in your computer also in UEFI mode)).

Best regards

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