Den 2016-10-13 kl. 17:49, skrev Ian Bruntlett:

I see on that 16.10 has been released. Does that
mean no more testing is required till work starts on 17.04?



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Hi Ian,

Yes and no.

Yes, there will be no more isotesting of Yakkety.

No, there will be continuous isotesting of 16.04.x LTS 'Xenial'. Right now we are to verify a bug-fix, that we hope will fix a bug for live and persistent live systems. See this bug report,

and soon there will be a second point release, 16.04.2 LTS with the yakkety kernel (and we need to test the daily iso files and make sure it will be a good one with several improvements, not only a fix for bug #1619188).

Best regards

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