Has there been an announcement that FF will drop PPC?

On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 10:46 AM, Fritz Hudnut <este.el....@gmail.com>

> On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 2:58 PM, Walter Lapchynski <w...@ubuntu.com> wrote:
>> As far as my perspective is concerned, I'm perfectly happy with dropping
>> PPC. It makes me sad. PPC brought me to the Lubuntu community. However, it
>> becomes increasingly harder to make PPC users happy. The successes that we
>> have had in recent times are largely by accident. Neither Lubuntu nor
>> Ubuntu MATE have the resources to support PPC. It does sound like Ubuntu
>> Server will be dropping PPC. I think it only makes sense for us to follow
>> suit.
>> Apparently, there are plans in place to evaluate the health of the PPC
>> port during the Z cycle and so a decision on removing PPC from the archives
>> will likely come in 6 months time. Even then, it sounds like that's
>> going to be a temporary delay to PPC's inevitable removal.
> @et al:
> I also am sad about the "demise" or withering of the PPC port, both from
> Debian and Lubuntu . . . and from the slated decision by Firefox to drop
> support for PPC . . . .  As I've posted before, there seemed to be a vortex
> of neglect that precipitated this "event" . . . the devs seem to be looking
> only at one "screen" (so to speak) and end users such as myself try to wade
> through trying to figure out if problems are the inevitable "pilot error"
> or . . . e.g., due to "big endian" issues that nobody is bothering to fix .
> . . .  I find it also a problem that the notice for the video conference
> went out to Lu users list only a couple days ahead, and that no one had
> posted anything about it on the Apple User sub-forum, etc.
> As an example of the difficulties experienced by users of the PPC systems,
> I recently went through a bug report cycle on LP on an issue with U-MATE
> possibly 14.04 on my Powermac relating to failure of the optical drive to
> mount disks . . . it took many months to get passed the "Are you sure this
> problem is happening, to you?"  line taken by the devs . . . even after the
> multiple times I posted the data that when I simply logged out of MATE
> session and into an XFCE session the problem went away . . . months went by
> with no response or effort . . . finally I believe we had "exceeded the
> time limits" on the bug report . . . and there were some further posts on
> whether the problem was "real" . . . .  And, then suddenly, as the bug was
> being closed, a minor miracle after running an update/upgrade . . . the
> problem had been silently "solved" . . . & MATE was able to mount DVDs in
> my Powermac.  Nobody ever posted to the bug saying, "hey we found the
> problem . . . this is what we did" . . . the problem persisted as
> "unresolved" and marked as "not verifiable"--then gone, but months later.
> Possibly those newer to the PPC experience would have long ago moved on to
> something else . . . thus supporting Martin's report of "less than .01
> percent of downloads are of PPC systems."  The point is that historically
> there has been finger pointing from devs that "the responsibility is with
> PPC users" . . . and PPC users (I'm gathering evidence from the Ubuntu
> apple sub-forum) find that "nobody is listening" . . . and in that sense,
> both are right . . . .
> But, still, as was mentioned by "slangasek" . . . in the video conference,
> and myself in the past, here and on the sub-forum, "the AmigaOne guys are
> breathing new life into PPC" . . . possibly they could run 64 bit, I don't
> know on that . . . point being that they will, if not now, be looking for a
> system to run on their computers . . . and it could be Ubuntu-based . . .
> if it is there.  Otherwise, people just shop on to what works . . . .
> Seems like the death knell would be the dropping of PPC by FF, there are
> other choices, on my PPC units Qupzilla and those other browsers mentioned
> don't run too well, also they are not as full featured as FF . . . my
> personal PPC units are falling behind the technological curve for basic
> stuff like flipping around the web, but otherwise for simple word
> processing they are still running . . . Xenial . . . which for them might
> be enough; but at a certain point if FF stops providing upgrades . . . will
> mean the potential usefulness is diminished, even if the kernels would be
> maintained--but the machines are in fact still running quite fine . . . .
> So, even though it seems like there might be other OSs to choose from for
> PPC, someone mentioned Arch, which seems to be a new learning curve for
> those of us who started with Debian/Ubuntu/mintPPC options, and someone
> mentioned "Puppy" for low spec machines . . . for someone who found their
> way to linux as a way to keep what were perfectly good machines that Apple
> had "unsupported" . . . it is indeed "sad" to see the benign neglect given
> to PPC ports and OS's in the last few years . . . .
> Sayonara, linux on PPC . . .
> F
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