>On 11 April 2017 at 13:30, oldmarathonrunner wrote:  
>> As ordinary people do not understand any of this I wonder if Lubuntu
>> and Linux have absolutely no interest in normal users.  


please don't misunderstand this as a unfriendly rough reply, I only
try to explain something about a common misunderstanding.

Please read this reply:

Correction of a sentence in the above post:

Most, if not all of us power users, developer, geeks try to help people
as good as we can, for free as in beer, if we have got the time to do
so. We try to do this even if you are living on another continent and
even if you post nearly unusable information. You might not live next
door and actually at least I don't care if people want to use Linux or
not. It's freedom and freedom requires some effort.

You learned usage of a handkerchief or toilet paper, once you
parents and/or somebody else helped you and after a while you became a
super user in wiping the nose and cleaning your backside. They didn't
use a mailing list to teach you this. However, in the meantime you
learned to read and write, even while you might be a dyslexic (note, I
am a dyslexic myself) and perhaps you even learned how to do this in a
foreign language (I don't need to point out that English isn't my
native language ;).

Linux (in this context not just the kernel, but a distro with all the
user space software as e.g. provided by the Ubuntu flavour Lubuntu) is
not a competitor to proprietary operating systems attitudes. When I
started with using Linux, btw. I didn't migrate from MS or Apple, I
misunderstood the policies of different Linux distros, too. Nowadays
I'm using a Linux distro that distinctly mentions to be _not_ a user
friendly distro, see
https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_Linux#User_centrality .

Ubuntu and it's flavours are already user-friendly, but they still
follow a policy of "freedom". If you want something childproof, then do
_not_ use Linux. Children get more help than adults, but they are also
not free to do what adults are allowed to do. Freedom isn't for free,
you need to pay for it with attention.

I guess I could explain in a very simple way, where many newbies act
irrational. Do you think that "Lubuntu-users Digest, Vol 64, Issue 2"
is a good subject for your concerns? Would you use the subject
"Lubuntu-users Digest, Vol 64, Issue 2" for a letter of application,
too? With all due respect, the chosen subject is idiotic and you are
aware of this. You can not expect anybody to care for "Lubuntu-users
Digest, Vol 64, Issue 2". For sure, once upon a time you learned how to
write a subject and this was a long time ago before you subscribed to a
Linux distro's mailing list.


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