Hi list,

I recently started a thread on the raspberry pi forum about a lubuntu 
live/desktop ISO I had made for the pi 2 and 3.  It's built from the lubuntu 
seeds, exactly as a real ISO would be.

Would this be something you are interested in?


I've also installed aarch64 from the mini ISO and wanted to install the 
lubuntu-desktop, but currently that is not possible:


Have the team thought about enabling the live ISO builds for aarch64?  This 
would definitely be testable on the pi3, not to mention a real coup for 
lubuntu.  I think ubiquity might currently fail at installing grub2.  It would 
be good to iron out these sort of bugs before tackling grub2 on arm 32 bit 
(which might prove more problematic although I haven't tried yet).


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