Yes, that works in the Geany VTE inside Geany.

My issue is that when Geany is set to run a script in the default terminal, it 
does not work in LXTerminal, but it DOES work if I set it to use some other 

For instance. In Geany, Edit > Preferences > Tools > Terminal, replace 
"x-terminal-emulator" with "xterm" (xterm must be installed).

Then, if I execute a bash script using Geany Build > Execute, then a Xterm 
window pops up and the script executes as expected.

Also, this procedure works perfectly on other distros that I have installed.

In Kubuntu, my scripts execute just fine in Konsole, the KDE default terminal 

It's just that here in Lubuntu, it does not work with LXTerminal, the default 
LXDE terminal.

I am trying to find out if this is the expected way for LXTerminal to operate. 
If it is, then I'll drop the issue. If is is not, then I'll file a bug report.

God bless,

Jerry Van Brimmer

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---- On Sun, 18 Feb 2018 11:03:21 -0800 Mark F <> wrote 

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 7:23 PM, Jerry Van Brimmer <> 

In Geany itself, in Edit>Preferences>Tools>Terminal, you can tell 
Geany what terminal emulator to use. 

The default setting was "x-terminal-emulator -e "/bin/sh %c"". 

I'm probably way off base, but I changed 
Edit>Preferences>Tools>Terminal from the default

x-terminal-emulator -e "/bin/sh %c"


x-terminal-emulator -e "/bin/sh -c %c"  (NOTE addition of -c parm)

and it seems to work. For example, 

1. I type this into the editor:

/bin/echo 'here'; sleep 5; /bin/echo 'here again';

2. Select that text.

3. Go to Edit>Commands>Send Selection to Terminal

The shell commands executed properly in the "Terminal output" at the bottom of 


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