Equipment: Toshiba Satellite NB 151

> Summary:
> I've run lubuntu on this laptop for many months but only ever used
> ethernet.
> What do I need to install or do to be able to scan for wifi networks.
> How do I turn wifi on/off under Lubuntu
> Details:
> I probably should know how to do above but:
> I rarely use this laptop. I decided to put Lubuntu on it rather than
> the original windows OS.
> When I start the laptop it tries to connect to wifi network at my
> house and shows the two wifi networks but apparently the adapter is in
> off mode or something since no connection happens.

I believe I recall in the past months or so that an update may have messed
with wifi; I recently had an issue with wifi not working in LM 18.xx . . .
and rebooted into OSX and it was fine.  Haven't had time to check the
forums for current events on that or check whether running an upgrade will
have that problem fixed . . . yet.

The other step is to possibly right click on the network applet and check
"on" the "enable networking" tab . . . and as the other poster mentioned,
although with ethernet you don't need to enter password, for wifi you do,
as well as the type of encryption it is using . . . .

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