Field names are stored in the field info file, with suffix .fnm. - see

The .fnm should be inside the .cfs file (cfs files are compound files
that contain all index files described at the above URL).  Maybe you
can provide the code that causes this error in Bugzilla for somebody to
look at.  Does it consistently break?


--- Luke Shannon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I received the error below when I was attempting to over whelm my
> system with incremental update requests.
> What is this file it is looking for? I checked the index. It
> contains:
> _4c.del
> _4d.cfs
> deletable
> segments
> Where does _4c.fnm come from?
> Here is the error:
> Unable to create the create the writer and/or index new content
> /usr/tomcat/fb_hub/WEB-INF/index/_4c.fnm (No such file or directory).
> Thanks,
> Luke

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