I have been using DateFilter to limit my search results to a certain date
range. I am now asked to replace this filter with one where my search results
have document IDs greater than a given document ID. This document ID is
assigned during indexing and is a Keyword field.

I've browsed around the FAQs and archives and see that I can either use
QueryFilter or BooleanQuery. I've tried both approaches to limit the document
ID range, but am getting the BooleanQuery.TooManyClauses exception in both
cases. I've also tried bumping max number of clauses via setMaxClauseCount(),
but that number has gotten pretty big.

Is there another approach to this? Or am I setting this up incorrectly? Snippet
of one of my approaches follows:
queryFilter = new QueryFilter(new RangeQuery(new Term("id", sLastSearchedId),
null, false));
docs = searcher.search(parser.parse(sSearchPhrase), queryFilter,
utility.iMaxResults, new Sort(sortFields));

Thanks in advance,

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