If you are going to compare scores across multiple indices, I'd suggest
considering one of the patches here:



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  > On Nov 22, 2004, at 9:18 AM, Cocula Remi wrote:
  > >> (First of all : what is the plurial of index in english ; indexes
  > >> indices ?)
  > We used "indexes" in Lucene in Action.  Its a bit ambiguous in
  > but indexes sounds less formal and is acceptable.
  > >> For that, I parse a new query using QueryParser or
  > >> MultiFieldQueryParser.
  > >> Then I search my indexes using the MultiSearcher class.
  > >>
  > >> Ok, but the problem comes when different analyzer are used for
  > >> index.
  > >> QueryParser requires an analyzer to parse the query but a query
  > >> parsed with an analyzer is not suitable for searching into an
  > >> that uses another analyzer.
  > >>
  > >> Does anyone know a trick to cope this problem.
  > Nothing built into Lucene solves this problem specifically.  You'll
  > have to come up with your own MultiSearcher-like facility that can
  > apply different queries to different indexes and merge the results
  > together.  This will be awkward when it comes to scoring though,
  > each index is using a different query.
  > >> Eventually I could run a different query on each index to obtain
  > >> several Hits objects.
  > >> Then I could write some collector that collects Hits in the order
  > >> highest scores.
  > >> I wonder if this could work and if it would be as efficient as
  > >> MultiSearcher . In this situation does it make sense to compare
  > >> scores of two differents Hits.
  > No, it won't make good sense to compare the scores between the
  > but I suspect our queries are pretty close to one another if all
  > varies is the analyzer.  It still will be an awkward comparison
  > but maybe good enough for your needs?
  >     Erik
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