We are pleased to announce that the Lustre 2.12.0 Release has been declared GA 
and is available for 
<https://downloads.hpdd.intel.com/public/lustre/lustre-2.11.0/> . You can also 
grab the source from 

This major release includes new features:

DNE Directory Restriping DNE Directory Restriping allows large existing 
directories to be migrated from a single MDT to stripe over multiple MDTs, 
which makes it easier to take advantage of adding new MDTs to an existing 
filesystem or to manually rebalance MDT usage  

Lazy Size on MDT Provides a mechanism whereby approximate file sizes can be 
quickly returned when scanning the MDT directly via a policy engine when 
performance is more important than precision 

LNet Network Health Provides the option when using multiple LNet interfaces to 
retry sending RPCs via an alternative network if errors are encountered or 
messages are lost with the initial request 

Fuller details can be found in the 2.12 wiki page 
<http://wiki.lustre.org/Release_2.12.0> (including the change log 
<http://wiki.lustre.org/Lustre_2.12.0_Changelog> and test 

Please log any issues found in the issue tracking 

Thanks to all those who have contributed to the creation of this release.

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