I'm hoping to set up a Lustre file system using 1 MGS and 3 OST on 4 
separate pieces of hardware, but I'm doing this and hoping to gain some 
reliability at the same time.  The problem that I see is that if any one 
piece of the 4-node system fails, the whole system will fail.

Is it possible to configure Lustre to write Objects to more than 1 node 
simultaneously such that I am guaranteed that if one node goes down that 
all files are still accessible?  This would effectively mean that I 
would use 2 times the storage space for each object written and would 
require that every cluster have a minimum of 2 nodes.

I understand the concepts of using DRBD and replicating block devices as 
well as creating a full separate cluster for fail-over, but I'm hoping 
to build redundancy into a single cluster without having to duplicate my 
network with a bunch of active/passive machine combinations.

-- Dante

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