Final release of Robinhood v3.0 is now available!

It can be downloaded from here:

What's new in Robinhood v3.0?

* Policies at will:
     - Define new custom policies at will, just by writing just a few
       lines of configuration.
     - Schedule all imaginable actions on filesystem entries.
     - Templates are provided to implement: old entries cleanup, directory
       cleanup, data corruption checks (by regularly checking file's
       checksum), Lustre/HSM policies.

* Fully configurable policies:
     - All policy aspects made configurable (scope, actions, action
       parameters, sort order...)
     - Fine-grained specification of policy actions and parameters.

* Plugin-based architecture:
     - Missing a specific feature in Robinhood core? Implement you own
       plugin to manage new kind of policies, maintain specific info
       in robinhood DB, enable interactions with specific site ecosystem
       (job scheduler, system load...), ...

* Enabling the Robinhood community:
     - Share your custom policy definitions and plugins, so that other
       community members can benefit from them and enrich them!

* All Robinhood features in a single instance:
     - No more distinct and incompatible robinhood "flavors" (tmpfs, lhsm,
     - All policies can be implemented in a single robinhood instance.

* Get a better overlook of your filesystem contents than ever!
     - New web interface
     - REST interface to query filesystem stats
     - Tag your filesystem entries based on arbitrary criteria using the new
       fileclass implementation
     - Flexible reporting with "rbh-find -printf"

* RedHat 7 integration:
     - systemd support.
     - Per filesystem service: robinhood@<fsname>

* New features for Lustre/HSM:
     - Undelete: recover accidentally deleted files.
     - Implement Lustre/HSM with any backend, using the generic command
       shipped with robinhood: 'lhsmtool_cmd'.
     - UUID support for Lustre/HSM copytools.

* Convenient:
     - Automatic DB conversion after major upgrades.

* Even more robust & Improved code quality.

Robinhood v3 documentation is available online (admin guide & tutorials):



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