Hi All.

I am still learning Lustre and I have run into an issue.  I have referred
to both the Lustre admin manual and Google, but I've had no luck in finding
the answer.  We are using Lustre 2.8.0.

We had an OST fill due to a single large file.  I took the OST offline via
the lctl deactivate command to prevent new files from being created on the
OST.  While the OST was deactivated, the user deleted the file.  Now it
appears the metadata is gone from the MDS (which makes sense), but the data
chunks on the OST remain even after I reactivated the OST.

I believe that running lfsck would resolve this issue, but I am not sure if
I should run it on the MDS or the OST?  If this is the fix, what options
would I need to use?

Thank you in advance,


Chad DeWitt, CISSP | HPC Storage Administrator

UNC Charlotte *| *ITS – University Research Computing

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