Thank you for creating the Benchmarking overview Malcolm. It is now available 
on the sidebar on the Lustre wiki as well as the wiki topic section on



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I've created a Benchmarking process outline and tools overview here:

This has been recently updated and is based on notes I've maintained at Intel 
over the years.

Malcolm Cowe
High Performance Data Division

Intel Corporation |

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Lustre wiki has sidebars on Testing and Monitoring, you may start Benchmarking.

there was Benchmarking Group in OpenSFS.
mail list:

It is actually question to the list what is the preferred location for KB on 
lustre benchmarking: on<> or<>.
IMHO KB on<> and BWG minutes (if it reengage)  on<>.


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Can we create a wiki page or some other form of knowledge pooling on 
benchmarking lustre?
Right now I'm using slides from 2009 as my source which may not be ideal...

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