Hi all,

(we are now on Lustre 2.10.2.)
It seems there is still a difference in how to declare --mgsnode between 
mkfs.lustre and tunefs.lustre.
For an OST, I did:

> mkfs.lustre --ost --backfstype=zfs  --mgsnode= 
--... osspool0/ost0

This OST mounts, is usable, all fine.

Then I had to writeconf, and out of tradition, added --erase-params to the command - so I had to add the mgsnodes as well:

> tunefs.lustre --erase-param --writeconf 
--mgsnode= osspool0/ost0

This did not mount, so I repeated this and other writeconfs, and ended up with

> tunefs.lustre --dryrun  osspool0/ost0
checking for existing Lustre data: found

   Read previous values:
Target:     hebe-OST0000
Index:      0
Lustre FS:  hebe
Mount type: zfs
Flags:      0x142
              (OST update writeconf )
Persistent mount opts:
Parameters: mgsnode=

Seems I could have added more and more mgsnodes, and never gotten a good OST ;-)

I repaired this by:

> tunefs.lustre --erase-param mgsnode   osspool0/ost0
> tunefs.lustre --writeconf  --mgsnode= 
--mgsnode= osspool0/ost0

This cluster is not yet in use - but if this happens with a production system, when --writeconf is anyhow your last resort - uncomfortable situation.

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