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Subject: [LUTE] The enigma of Marquesa di Sala

Hi lutenists,

In the Mus. ms. 40032 Biblioteka Jagiellonska Krakow there are some
nice pieces for archlute by Santino Garsi da Parma. Among them is an
enigmatic piece "Gagliarda della Marquesa di Sala". I just wonder,
if anyone in our List is able to solve the problems of the piece,
reconstruct the rhythms?

You can find the original, my (very) raw and uncorrected copy of the
piece and (this time) also the tab-file in page
<<AJN>> Hello, Arto,

<<AJN>>  The facsimile and raw transcription is from the Dusiacki Lute
Book (Berlin/Cracow Mus ms 40153), fol. 60v-61.  Part of the problem
in reading it is that the barlines are drawn (for the most part) in
duple, whereas the dance is in triple.  So a good start would be to
ignore the barlines.  I think you'll find that in triple meter the
dance fits nicely into 4+4 measure phrases.

<<AJN>>  Another version is indeed in the Mus Ms 40032 manuscript.
Folio 153v/p. 361. Facsimile in Kirsch, very last page (staff lines 1-3, with varied reprise, lines 4-7). You may wish to use that one as a guide, or use IT as a basic source. It's a better version, imho. No transcription in Kirsch.

<<AJN>>  Isn't the publisher of Dieter's edition defunct?  That is,
Gitarre + Laute Verlagsgesellschaft?

<<AJN>> By the way, the Contessa [Marchessa] di Sala was the beautiful Barbara Sanvitale
née Sanseverino.  Fabritio Dentice was one of her musicians.
I have seen one version for (modern) guitar, but that was not very
convicing. I do have some ideas, how it should be, but problematic
it is...

So I thus declare a contest: Who will make the best and most
convincing edition of the piece! I will be the judge... ;-)

All the best,


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