I've put the booklet up on
   [1]http://turovsky.org/CD ,bottom of the page.
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   Is there any chance of the booklet being made available to show of us
   that purchase the download version?
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   Dear friends,
   I am very happy to announce that Christopher Wilke has recorded a CD of
   my compositions for Baroque lute on Ukrainian themes, titled DE
   TEMPORUM FINE POSTLUDIA. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with a
   musician of such unparalleled musicality and depth as Chris.
   The CD was recorded back in early May, and mastered,  in New York by
   Jaroslaw "Slau" Halatyn.
   It also has an introductory article by Tim Crawford!
   It is available now on CDbaby, and the physical CD will be available on
   September 20th!
   Heartfelt thanks to all our supporters and subscribers, your CD is in
   the mail (and this includes all participants in my radioprojects)!
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