Dear Herbert,

it might be worthwhile to check the position of your thumb. If it tends to be 
in a position opposite the index finger while playing the lute, you can save 
tape, beeswax of what else might be used do form and attach a damper pad by 
retraining your left-hand thumb to be in a position mor "inside the hand", that 
is: opposite the middle finger. This also makes barrée chords and other 
left-hand things easier. If you are sure your thumb already is in this 
position, it is possible that it moves out of it when the hand goes from higher 
frets back into the first position ...

Just my pennyworth,


Betreff: [LUTE] Pad on back of pegbox.
Datum: 2016-09-22T00:31:01+0200
Von: "Herbert Ward" <>
An: "" <>

My left thumbnails hits the back of the pegbox
some times, and makes an annoying click.

I'd like to attach a pad to the pegbox as a mute.

For adhesion, ss there a better choice than good 
quality office tape (aka magic disappearing tape)?
For me it usually comes off without leaving a

Sorry if this has been asked before.  I did do
some searching in the archives ....

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