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Series: The Rostock Lute Mss
Rostock 10
Part I / Part II
Facsimile of Rostock Ms Mus Saec XVIII-13,26.1 / 13,26.2
Parthies for Baroque Lute del Sign.  Tallman & Erdmann
French Tablature/ Baroque tuning/ 2 Volumes/   Euro 30.-
Giulio Abondante
Intabolatura de Lauto, Libro primo, 1546
32 intabulated songs and dances
Italian tablature/ Renaissance tuning/   Euro 20.-
Johannes Fresneau
Complete Works for Lute and Guitar
edited by Jan J.W. Burgers, Amsterdam
The lutenist Fresneau or Dufresneau, the composer of
a significant body of music, has long remained an enigma,
because absolutely nothing was known about his person.
All we had were his works, which are mainly transmitted in
two manuscript sources: A-ETgoëssI and PL-Kj40626.
Recent research has found out that the French lutenist
Johannes Fresnau was in 1644 living in the Dutch town
of Leiden, where he died in 1670. Moreover, it turns out
that the greater part of PL-Kj40626 is an autograph manuscript,
written by Fresneau 1658-c.1660, presumably on behalf of a pupil.
The present edition contains all known works by Fresneau:
39 high-quality pieces in the well known French style brisé.
Most are for eleven-course lute, five are for guitar.
French Tablature/ Baroque tuning/ hard bound/   Euro 45.-
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