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   The "Pastyme with good Companye" tune is all over the place. Often
   ascribed to Henry VIII, it is more likely to be of continental origins.
   Probably a chanson rustique.  Charlotte traced it for one of her
   seminars, but her professor (famed as reputed inspiration for "Lydia
   with Diamonds in the Sky") did not return her paper<Grrrr>.  She found
   many more starting with the list of Pastyme pieces in John M. Ward's
   "The Lute Music of Royal Appendix 58," **Journal of  the American
   Musicological Society** 13 (1960): 117-125.  With facsimile of Roy App
   58 as Plate 4 and transcriptions as Examples 7 and 9 (Phalèse, 1547),
   Ward's list of about 15 sources is on pages 123-4.
   Among those I remember from Charlotte's paper is a hymn harmonized by
   Bach (I can't recall the title), and  in a Canadian Jesuit hymnal a
   chorale in the Huron native American language<!!>.
   I can add another from Barberiis's **Opera intitolata Contina,** sig.
   Ee3v: "Pas de mon bon compagni."  Many know it as "De mon triste" which
   Francesco intabulated and used in a parody fantasia. But many miss
   Perino Fioretino's parody of Francesco's fantasia super De mon triste,
   # App. 32 in the HUP edition.  The work by Perino (Francesco's famous
   student) departs from the fantasia, NOT from the intabulation!  A full
   sounding of the tune appears cantus-firmus-like in the top line.
   Arthur Ness
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   Hi all!
   Does anybody have the lute version of "Pastyme with good companie" that
   Paul O'Dette plays on the Royal Lewters CD. I am encoding it into
   fronimo from RA 58 but not getting it quite right. The Phalese version
   (De mon triste [Richafort]) is also faulty.
   In Adrian le Roy's "Sixiesme livre de luth 1559" there is a piece by
   Debussy. Did he have a time machine?
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