Hello List,
   concerning the "monster recercar" in Siena Lute Book, (Nr. 129 fol.
   62v-66 in the Minkoff ed.).
   I was wondering if anyone knows if any serious research has been done
   or is being done to this piece by any accredited scholars? (And I don't
   mean the mostly faulty attempts by amateurs available on the net.)
   Its obvious that much of the material in the piece is didactic in
   nature, making use of a great number of the "licks" (for lack of a
   better word), that were available to a lute student in ca. 1560.
   The piece as it stands is quite attractive but faulty in a number of
   places, and a reconstruction of voice leading, etc. by (a)
   knowledgeable academic/s would, IMO be highly desirable.
   And no one has even recorded it yet. Not even on youtube!


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