This reminds me of a gig in Essen ages ago with Mark Wheeler's Pantagruel.

They were wearing (sort of) period costumes which looked great on Hannah and 
not so great on the boys.

One of the songs was Stingo (I think from one of the Playford books)

Now I understood why there was an open bottle on the stage labelled "Stingo".
Being a good friend of Mark in those days and sitting in the first row I stood 
up - during the performance - and smelled at the bottle.

Believe it or not - it contained beer.


On 02.02.2018 17:50, Ron Andrico wrote:
    Dowland was released from his post by Christian IV of Denmark for
    overstaying his very long leave of absence, neglecting his musical
    duties while continuing to draw a higher salary than the Admiral of the
    Danish navy.  It was actually the King who had a reputation for
    frequent and excessive inebriation.

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       Wasn't Dowland fired by King Christian of Denmark for being drunk
       the time? Could it be then considered that playing ‘stoned' was more

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