About l'Adieu by Ennemond Gaultier, I forgot to say that the later version in D 
minor is not related to the version in Cherbury, key nor style.


>   Pondering about the Gautier pieces in Cherbury/concordances: I was not
>   able to determine if the Courante "Son adieu" in Cherbury and the one
>   in Vaudry Sayzenay are the same one... Actually I was not able to
>   locate that piece in the Vaudry de Sayzenay, but there is a recording
>   of a piece with that name by Trond Bengston at
>   [1]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY4fsnOIpCE
>   Anyone with a copy of the "Adieu" in Schele: Schele 89/3?
>   There are two possible connections between Cherbury and Ennemond
>   Gautier: both were connected to the Montmorency household, and Cherbury
>   was acting as English ambassador at court when Ennemond moved there ca.
>   1620.  Yet Ennemond was apparently stingy when it came to sharing his
>   music and the music in the Cherb MS seems more representative of his
>   earlier stay in France and is consistently using the vieil ton. So I
>   still think that Jacques Gautier (d'Angleterre) is the more likely
>   author of the Adieu.
>   I could not find the references to Cherbury on Peter Stueur's site
>   alas... (I wonder if the Vorhandene Manuskripte table could be given
>   its own page with more descriptive titles associated with the sources
>   numbers...)
>   Alain
>   On 02/02/2018 02:55 AM, Jean-Marie Poirier wrote:
>We do learn at all ages indeed ;-)!
>Au passage, thank you Alain for all your hard work so useful to all of us !
>Le 2 févr. 2018 à 11:10, G. C. [2]<kalei...@gmail.com> a écrit :
>  I was not aware of lord Herbert's Jacques Gaultier extradition letter
>  (found on Alain's site). The fact that some of the pieces have
>  concordances in both Besard (1603) and Varietie (1610), also exclude
>  Jacques.
>  By the way, Alain, you should look at the concordances by Peter Steur
>  to update those on the Fandango Cherbury page, where the ms. is not too
>  unreadable. Very nice work, thanks Alain!
>  G.
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>  Just a couple of points of recent history: back some 10 or 15 years
>  ago, Joel Dugot from the French lute society
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