Dear Robert, dear Rainer,

original sources can (sometimes) be found by looking into Norbert Böker-Heil et 
al. (eds.); "Das Tenorlied". 3 Vols Kassel etc. 1979 - 1986.

This is a source catalogue of songbooks both manuscript and printed from 1450 
to 1580. Vol. 3 contains the indexes. "Vnser magt kan ausz der massen"  = 
Songbook printed by Egenolff in Frankfurt, [1535], nr. 15 (anon.).

If you have access to "Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Oesterreich", you may find 
texts to the intavolations in the critical commentary to Koczirz's edition of 
Newsidler, Judenkunig & Co. in Vol. 37  (I don't have this at hand, so: just an 

The Deutsche Volksliederarchiv in Freiburg may also be helpful ...



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Dear Robert,

I understand that "Unser Magdt kan aussdermassen" is the same tune as "Unsere 

According to Brown it should be discussed in Böhme: "Altdeutsches Liederbuch : 
Volkslieder der Deutschen nach Wort und Weise aus dem 12. bis zum 17. 

Best wishes,

Rainer aus dem Spring


If you can't access this book I might go to the University library in 
Duesseldorf - they have two copies.

On 08.02.2018 00:03, Robert Barto wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     Some of the easiest pieces in early German tab books are:
>     Hast du mich genommen (Madonna Katerina) and  Unsere Koechin kann aus
>     der massen kochen
>     Does anyone have the texts or know more about  these songs? (I have the
>     first two volumes of Forster and have
>     looked in a few other collections on IMSLP , but haven't found them.)
>     Thanks, Robert
>     Virenfrei. [1]
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