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   I agree with you Arto. The first example is quite amazing in its
   compatibility. Due to a common scale, the forced duet somehow sounds
   compatible. I would say a musical quirk and a coincidence. How could
   Indian music be compatible with Western renaissance. No chance!
   And the other examples are even less impressive, even contradictive.
   Nice try Tristan! :)
   On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 11:32 PM, Arto Wikla <[1]wi...@cs.dartmouth.edu>

     Well, I listened carefully all those example combinations of Bull's
     harpsichord pieces and the suggested similiar(?) raga performances,
     and sincerely I could not find much in common between them, just two
     different sound clips connected. Tristan von Neumann is of course
     free to name me also "fool" even after I really listened his
     medleys, but while I definitely strongly disagree his idea... ;-)
     all the best,
     On 07/02/18 07:53, Tristan von Neumann wrote:

      > Those who would even want to listen are fools.
     Of course, those who wouldn't.
     Am 07.02.2018 um 06:48 schrieb Tristan von Neumann:

     I can't believe almost no one is excited about this discovery.
     All those who *still* doubt me, listen to this epic Raga Yaman
     accompanied by John Bull's Fantasy XII.
     I did nothing but adjust the pitch and placement of the tracks.
     Those who would even want to listen are fools.
     Like the pope who wouldn't look through Galilei's telescope.
     Those who will listen will hear.
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