Simple question:

Would you place any double bar lines anywhere?

If so, why.

On 12.02.2018 18:22, Ron Andrico wrote:
    Rainer, I'm not sure what you are asking.  The character piece is a
    series of variations inspired by the ringing of bells, which in real
    life can be rather random.  The variations are in fact derived from the
    bass line, which I play through by itself a few times in performance
    before beginning the variations and again before repeating the whole
    thing.  There are more thant a few instances where Vallet wrote strains
    that echo, particularly effective if one understands how to subdivide
    the phrases.

    Again, my feeling is that the variations arise from the bass line, grow
    in complexity and demonstrate a clever rendering of the pleasant
    cacophony that one hears in the ringing of bells.  As for structure, I
    hear symmetry in each of the variations, which are evenly divisible
    within themselves.


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    Dear lute netters,
    I wonder if anybody recognizes any structure (strains?) in Vallet's
    "Carillon de Uillage".
    Volume II, page 25.
    Of course, the problem is that the bass "part" doesn't give any clue :)
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