The Paston Treasure: Microcosm of the Known World

   The Paston Treasure, a huge painting from Norwich Castle, England,
   showing part of the collection of Robert Paston the Earl of Yarmouth
   c.1665 features a prominent life-size image of a 12 course lute and
   less prominently a bass viol, pochette, violin, trumpet and a tenor
   recorder. It has been the subject of a major collaborative
   investigation and the splendid exhibition that shows off the results,
   including several of the surviving objects in the painting, opens today
   Wednesday 14th Feb. in the Yale Center for British Art.

   There will be a live stream of the opening event starting at 5.30
   Eastern Seaboard time.

   For the exhibition the Lute Society have
   lent the 12 course lute made in their 2010 summer school to display in
   a case with historic examples of each of the other instruments.

   After the showing in Yale the exhibition moves to Norwich Castle from
   July - September.

   From the photos I've seen the exhibition is positively sumptuous and
   admission is free!

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   The Smokehouse,
   6 Whitwell Road,
   Norwich,  NR1 4HB

   Telephone: + 44 (0)1603 629899


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