The problem of breackage of the thinner Nylgut strings was caused by some inner 
 extruder parameters. The extrusion thecnology  is very complex, so the 
problemi s not just related to the common knowledges in matter of breaking 
index etc . On this fyeld I am learning everyday something of new.
I would like to say that I have fixed this problem a few months ago, around the 
2017 summer.   Always I had breakages on my renaissance lute of 61 cms tuned in 
G. This intrumentis my tester because there is no rider on the 1st string than 
can give an help. They are 5 months that it it tuned in A without any problem. 
 After a couple of months I have asked to our  early music distribitors and,  
since now, the problem of breakages drastically dropped.
Just to inform you guys.

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I was presuming a pitch of 440 but Wim mentions neither pitch nor string length.

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> A nylgut string of 0.44 on a lute of 60cmm string length at A415

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