Thanks I have gotten the pages I need from Rainer - a good thing since it's expensive to get the scans they are offering in the note below. Maybe if enough people ask about it the library will eventually get around to making a digital copy, or maybe Tree will make an edition...
     On 21/02/2018 01:23, Nancy Carlin wrote:

      I was wondering if anyone on the list has a pdf, or knows a link
      Johann Daniel Mylius Thesaurus Gratiarum (Frankfurt, 1622).
      Lvov lute manuscript = RU-Lv Ms 1400/1 - Hans Kernstock c1655.
      I found nice indexes of both of them in Julia Craig Mc-Feeley's

    Dear Nancy,
    In response to your post I sent an email to the library in Krakow
    asking whether they planned to make a digital scan of the Mylius. I
    attach their answer below.
    Dear Mr. Daillie,
    in response to your e-mail we kindly inform you that the "Thesaurus
    Gratiarum... Par Jean Daniel Mylivs, & c.", Mus. ant. pract G 140 [2]
    due to particular priorities of our library is not included in the
    current policy of cataloging and digitisation the library collection.
    At the same time we wouId like to add that it is a possibility to make
    the scans of the above-mentiones music old-print. Their cost depends on
    resolution and other parameters such as jpg or tiff, format of the
    It is possible to make the scans in the following resolutions:
    300 ppi jpg (color): making one scan is 0.90 EUR
    300 ppi tiff (color): making one scan is 2.80 EUR
    600 ppi tiff (color): making one scan is 3.60 EUR
    Please see:
    pdf/f4f60014-2bfa-4abd-afb6-225de52372fa  (JL materials from special

    The whole Mus. ant. pract. G 140 [2] contains 107 scans (one scan
    includes one page, original format A4).
    In case of order the scans we please indicate their parameters
    (resolution: 300 or 600 ppi, jpg or tiff).
    After acceptance by you the cost of the scans we will send you a
    pro-forma invoice (via e-mail) with all necessary information. After
    the payment we will send you the ordered scans recorded on CD
    (traditional mail). So, please give us the address on which we could
    issue an invoice and send the scans.
    Information, if order is for institution (very importan):
    At the same time we please send us the VATIN number to the appropriate
    invoice that we send you along with the ordered scans. At the same time
    we would like to add that if an institution does not have the VATIN
    number we ask for information about its (VATIN number) absence directly
    from that institution.
    Yours sincerely,
    Małgorzata Krzos
    Music Collection Section
    Special Collection Department
    Sekcja Zbiorów Muzycznych
    Oddział Zbiorów Specjalnych
    Biblioteka Jagiellońska
    al. Mickiewicza 22
    30-059 Kraków
    Od: Jacek Partyka
    Wysłane: 22 lutego 2018 08:53
    Do: Oddział Zbiorów Muzycznych
    Temat: PD: music publication enquiry
    Od: Jagiellońska Biblioteka Cyfrowa
    Wysłane: 22 lutego 2018 07:39
    Do: Jacek Partyka
    Temat: Odp.: music publication enquiry
    Panie Jacku
    Przesyłam zapytanie czytelnika, pozdrawiam
    Anna Krzak




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