A very good tip, John, as is the idea of pre-wetting the fret material.
   I wish I had thought of that these last few years, suffering from
   severely slipping frets in similar changing conditions. However, as I
   had resorted to a nylgut chanterelle, which quickly frays gut frets, I
   decided to try Mimmo's new synthetic fret material. This has only been
   on my lute for a few weeks, so I can't report on durability; however, I
   can say that, as expected, this material is not effected by humidity,
   but also less expectedly, it seems slightly softer than modern gut
   (therefore, presumably not from Nylgut, as has been suggested). This
   would have the advantage of not damaging gut strings, as reportedly
   nylgut frets would do; but the possible disadvantage of making stopped
   strings sound very slightly softer (but less so, I would judge, than
   the much softer sounding double gut frets, with which I do have
   experience, and appreciated for their greater durability). In spite of
   their slippery surface, with the knot advised for them by Mimmo, they
   do seem to slip far less than gut frets.

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     I'm a little reluctant to share something that might seem almost

     immoral, but what the hell, I make my living playing the lute and I

     a lot of frets, so I'll chip in here: when I go, as I do almost

     from my home in Seattle, where the weather is always perfect for

     gut-strung-and-fretted instruments, to a place like the mountains of

     Montana or the desert of Tucson and the humidity is 1% and my frets

     (usually it's 1, 5, and 6 on my main touring instrument) start

     and sliding around, and I don't feel like re-fretting, I tape them

     with masking tape.

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     >  My frets never come loose and they have not worn out yet. They are

     >  metal.

     I want to know how you tied them on in the first place.  You must

     really strong fingers.

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