This is available from the LSA Microfilm Library now. Cosens has some really nice music in it. My favorite is the Frog Galliard, with some interesting divisions.

If you are OK waiting a bit the LSA is in the process of digitizing the whole Microfilm Library and it will be online and available to members.  Since it's a big library this will take a while. If you are in a hurry you can borrow the microfilm from the library now and take it to a library with a microfilm reader.  Some of the machines print pages, but I have also seen people taking pictures of the things on the screens with their phones.
        Is there available a good facsimile of Cosens lutebok (GB-Cu
    Add.3056)?  The one available from Scribd is not all that clear (high
    contrast B/W), and I'm not sure it can be downloaded from the Cambridge
    U site.

       Any sources or ideas?


    Leonard Williams


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