And you call this a book published outside Italy?


Wer lesen kann, ist klar im Vorteil...

On 09.04.2018 17:08, Ralf Mattes wrote:
Am Montag, 09. April 2018 16:44 CEST, Rainer <> schrieb:
Dear lute netters,

I have often wondered what the latest book in vieil ton published outside Italy 

As a starting point I offer:

Louys de Moy, LE Petit Boucquet,  …, 1631

Way too early!
There's a manuscript transcription (french!) of Zarlino in BN/Paris with all 
counterpoint examples intabulated in biel ton.
IIRC that's from the end of the 17th/early 18th century.

  Cheers, RalfD


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