Esajas Reusner the older:
Musicalischer Lust-Garten / das ist: Herren D. Martini Lutheri, Wie auch 
anderer Gottseliger (der Reinen Augspurgischen Confession zugethaner) Männer / 
Geistliche Kirchen- und Hauß-Lieder: Auff Lauten Tabulatur gesetzt, Breslau 
(Georg Baumann) 1645
for 11-course lute in vieil ton.

The 11-course lute in vieil tone seems to be very common in this time. How it 
looks like is a very god questio. See my article 
The Lute in the Dutch Golden Age What we know and what we play today, in: The 
Lute in the Netherlands in the Seventeenth Century: Pro- ceedings of the 
International Lute Symposium Utrecht, 30 August 2013, ed. by Jan W.J. Burgers, 
Tim Crawford and Matthew Spring, Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2016, ISBN 
978-1-4438-9075-5, p. 73-101.



> Am 09.04.2018 um 16:44 schrieb Rainer <>:
> Dear lute netters,
> I have often wondered what the latest book in vieil ton published outside 
> Italy is.
> As a starting point I offer:
> Louys de Moy, LE Petit Boucquet,  …, 1631
> Rainer
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