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I think you nailed it. Thanks a lot!



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I am not an expert in Spanish but, as far as I understand, "silva" means

simply "collection" (primarily of poetry, but in this case of music).

It probably derives from the Latin word for "forest" (as a "collection" of

trees), but I would not translate it literally.

There are a number of similar titles from about the same period:

"Silva de varios romances"

"Silva de poesía"


So, I would translate the title as "A collection [of songs] of the sirens".


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Hello there,

another thread on this list motivated me to ask - the title of

Valderrabano's publication "Silva de Sirenas" renders if latin was the

source language "Arctic Forest" which I would find hard to believe and

nothing when setting Google translate to Spanish as source.

artic google.png

Hence my suspicion that 500 year old Spanish was using words

differently. But what does the title mean in English (German/French)

today? Would anybody know?

Thanks for helping, best wishes



"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen."

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